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Written by Jeanne Hedrick  Have you ever run across a Bible verse that sets you back, making you wonder what on earth the writer is saying? Some of these are the result of culture. Being from the West, we just don’t understand Eastern expressions and ways of thinking. Other times,

Written by Jeanne Hedrick  When you’re a people pleaser like me, truthfully replying to a question can be hard. What do you want me to say? runs through my mind before I even formulate my answer. Admitting this is embarrassing. As a follower of Jesus I know what Scripture says:


The business of missions is an important component of ministry that is often overlooked. For every missionary serving on the field with ACCI (69 currently), there is a committed office staff and board of directors who are dedicated to making sure government regulations are met, financial processes are taken care

The old is gone and the new is launched! We are pleased to introduce you to our new ACCI website. It has been completed largely through the expertise and hard work of Francesco Abortivi, ACCI’s European Director. Like all of the ACCI staff, Francesco is self-supporting to keep costs down for our

by Jeanne Hedrick Approaching the Temple Mount in Jerusalem today holds none of the visual splendor enjoyed by the pilgrims in Jesus’ day. We stood in line at the base of a long staircase coming out of the Jewish sector of the old city, waiting to be admitted at the

 by Jeanne Hedrick In October I traveled to Israel and got to see with my own eyes the places I’ve just read about in the Bible. When I experienced for myself the barrenness of the southern desert region I could understand better how hard it must have been for the