Our missionaries

Here is a list of our missionaries around the world. Click on the pictures to find out more.

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Francesco & Alessia Abortivi

Italy and Internationally

More Francesco & Alessia Abortivi

Giulio Abortivi

Short Term Mission-Italy, EU

More Giulio Abortivi

Cody Archer

Middle East

More Cody Archer

Dan & Melissa David

Canada, USA, Internationally

More Dan & Melissa David

Brad & Julia Frey

Short Term Missions-England, Throughout the EU

More Brad & Julia Frey

Carl & Clotilde Gagnon

Dominican Republic-Short Term Mission

More Carl & Clotilde Gagnon

Alan Gilman


More Alan Gilman

Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Italy, EU, Canada and USA

More Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Ann Hinrichs

United States, Belize, Italy

More Ann Hinrichs

Jon & Kim Pelen

Canada & Guatemala Short Term Mission

More Jon & Kim Pelen

Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Short Term Mission-Canada, International

More Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Melinda Peters


More Melinda Peters

Lauren Roth


More Lauren Roth

Willie & Von VanDorp

Short Term Mission

More Willie & Von VanDorp

Tom & Ann Withers

Bolivia-Short Term Mission

More Tom & Ann Withers

Sam Wolthaus


More Sam Wolthaus