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While most mission sending agencies have a specific ministry focus and are looking to recruit people who can help fulfill the agency’s vision, acci is looking for people and organizations who want to recruit a mission sending agency to help them fulfill a vision. We seek to partner with servant leaders who have passion and vision for a specific calling. If you have a cross cultural ministry idea, with the skills and gifts to match, we’d like to hear from you, and would love to help you find ways to best achieve these objectives for the glory of God.

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  • New Life Literature

    Help us purchase a newer press, which reduces the breakdowns and increases the speed to print Bibles and Christian material.

  • “Giona” (Jonas) ship

    The Giona’s ship project starts from the consideration that there are hundreds of unreached islands in the Mediterranean sea…

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4 days ago

A new gathering launched in Collecchio, Italy yesterday with the help of Francesco Abortivi. Aldo Cerasino (who oversees Parma’s GCLA mother church See more

6 days ago

Fantastic to hear this update from ACCI’s Africa Director Jeff Mazik and Patrick Caicco on their God-ventures in South Africa! Follow them on See more

Check out our latest video and our Sawubona Project facebook page.

2 weeks ago

Great photos from REM posted this morning. ACCI is delighted to partner with REM and their passionate efforts to reach people with good news through See more

Abbiamo trascorso un tempo speciale ad Ancona.
Abbiamo visto che quando c’è unione il risultato sono frutti e nuove anime a Cristo.
In See more