Pray for Italy!


Despite being one of the cradles of Christianity, today’s Italy is a widely materialistic country. Its Catholic majority (over 90% are baptized as such) is mostly nominal, with only 25-30% of the population actually attending church regularly.

The term “Christian” in Italy is synonymous with “Catholic”, or even simply “human being”, but the numbers tell us a different story. With less than 1% of Evangelicals, almost as many Jehovah Witnesses, around 3% of Muslims and a staggering 8 billions spent every year in fortunetellers, witches, healers and the like, Italy is a huge evangelization field that needs your help and prayers.

Please pray for…

  • Unity among the Italian church and protection from false doctrines
  • For repentence from past church mistakes, for less formalism, for more consacration
  • For a visible and effective church
  • For Italian missionaries and missionaries in Italy, they need prayer and economical support
  • For more workers in the italian field
  • For christian students studying in a very hostile academic context
  • For new believers and the beginning of a revival within the Italian church
  • For total dependance on God

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