Humantarian Aid Fund


Several ACCI missionaries are actively involved in practically helping refugees, migrants, and homeless people in different parts of the world. They transmit God’s love by providing food, clothes, counselling, giving practical help to people who are often tired, angry or without hope.

Being a foreigner in a country they don’t know, with different rules and a different language, can be frustrating and overwhelming. To meet friendly people who are ready to listen and help can really make a difference, helping point the them to the love of Christ.

This fund will be utilized by coming alongside our ACCI missionaries and helping them with specific needs and international projects they themselves are intentionally investing in. We will share continual updates on this page (listed on the right side) about how your financial gifts have been applied.
Please enjoy reading the attached PDF documents intended to help us all in understanding refugee care, their needs and this area of great need in our world today.


Learning tools

10 Common Myths Concerning Refugees

10 Ways to Pray for Refugees

10 Ways We Can Help Refugees

(c) Used by permission, IAFR Ministry, 2015-16

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Your donations are currently helping by providing…

⇒ Feeding families, buying Christian material  in the south of the Philippines
⇒ Food and clothing to homeless people and immigrants in Italy
Care for those in great need both in spirit and body, in the refugee camps and the widows & orphans of Burundi, Africa
⇒ Care for the children in Shkoder, Albania by providing food, school material, medical assistance
⇒ Feeding families, and contributing to medical costs in Nicaragua
⇒ Emergency feeding program and medical needs in two different locations in South Africa

Feel free to contact us for more specific info. This list will be continually updated.
Your donated funds given to the Humanitarian Aid Fund are redirected to different specific ACCI projects depending on the actual needs.