Our missionaries

Here is a list of some of our missionaries around the world. Click on the pictures to find out more.

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Giulio Abortivi

England & Italy

More Giulio Abortivi

Francesco Abortivi & Alessia Zambon

Italy and Internationally

More Francesco Abortivi & Alessia Zambon

Matthew & Tammy Anderson

USA, International

More Matthew & Tammy Anderson

Cody Archer

Middle East

More Cody Archer

Jules Barasa

Malawi, Africa

More Jules Barasa

Alejandro and Amber Bojorquez

Short Term Missions-Canada/Mexico

More Alejandro and Amber Bojorquez

Marlene Caicco

South Africa

More Marlene Caicco

Melissa Dittrich


More Melissa Dittrich

Kevin & Victoria Ferreira da Silva

Short Term Missions-Italy/EU

More Kevin & Victoria Ferreira da Silva

Shira Gamey


More Shira Gamey

Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Italy, EU, Canada and USA

More Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Ann Hinrichs

United States, Int’l

More Ann Hinrichs

Izabella Holidae

Short-Term Mission-Italy

More Izabella Holidae

Ron & Sharon

Canada, International

More Ron & Sharon

Dennis & Valerie Nikkel

Short-Term Missions-El Salvador

More Dennis & Valerie Nikkel

Epimac Ntimpeba

Burundi, Africa

More Epimac Ntimpeba

Isaac Nininahazwe

Burundi, Africa

More Isaac Nininahazwe

Jon & Kim Pelen

Canada & Guatemala

More Jon & Kim Pelen

Donovan & Chantel Olding

Italy/South Africa

More Donovan & Chantel Olding

Micael Pecoraro Scanio


More Micael Pecoraro Scanio

Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Short Term Mission-Canada, International

More Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Willie & Vonn VanDorp

Short Term Mission International

More Willie & Vonn VanDorp

Jill Weber

United Kingdom

More Jill Weber