Our missionaries

Here is a list of our missionaries around the world. Click on the pictures to find out more.

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Matthew and Tammy Anderson

USA, International

More Matthew and Tammy Anderson

Francesco & Alessia Abortivi

Italy and Internationally

More Francesco & Alessia Abortivi

Giulio Abortivi

Short Term Mission-Italy, EU

More Giulio Abortivi

Cody Archer

Middle East

More Cody Archer

Andrew Bailey

South Africa

More Andrew Bailey

Erica Byleveld

El Salvador

More Erica Byleveld

Dan & Melissa David

Canada, USA, Internationally

More Dan & Melissa David

Jenn Dueck

Middle East

More Jenn Dueck

Kevin & Victoria Ferreira

Short Term Missions-Italy/EU

More Kevin & Victoria Ferreira

Carl & Clotilde Gagnon

Dominican Republic-Short Term Missions

More Carl & Clotilde Gagnon

Eliseo & Paula Guadagno

Torre Pelice, Italy

More Eliseo & Paula Guadagno

Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Italy, EU, Canada and USA

More Tony and Jeanne Hedrick

Ann Hinrichs

United States, Belize, Italy

More Ann Hinrichs

Izabella Holidae

Short-Term Mission-Italy

More Izabella Holidae

Jon & Kim Pelen

Canada & Guatemala

More Jon & Kim Pelen

Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Short Term Mission-Canada, International

More Mark & Tracy Peterkins

Karla Prado


More Karla Prado

Willie & Von VanDorp

Short Term Mission

More Willie & Von VanDorp

Jill Weber

United Kingdom

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