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Italy’s church is slowly growing, but “born-again believers” still account for less than 1% of the total population.

Italy MapItaly is not a Christian country. Materialism, superstition and self-made spiritual beliefs are widespread and God is a taboo subject for many Italians, disappointed by centuries of misuse of His name for personal or political purposes.

People are seeking for truth, but they don’t know where to look. The younger generation is open to the Gospel, but there are too few workers ready to talk to them.

There are well prepared, committed and passionate Italian Christians who are already working in the ministry, through evangelization, church planting, and training, but are often alone, both spiritually and practically, in their effort to re-Christianize Italy.
On top of this, it’s very hard to raise support locally for a number of reasons… the church is still very small and often lacks a strong missional culture, most pastors are not in full time ministry, and other needs have the priority over evangelization.

ACCI encourages local churches to give for missions, but also wants to help these missionaries and ministries by creating a network of friends who have some links with Italy (expats, people with Italian origins, people who simply love Italy), in order to support these Italian kingdom workers spiritually, financially, and through encouragement.


When it comes to financial support, one of the main (legitimate) concerns is summarized by the questions, “Will my money be used well? Will it actual make a difference?”.
We know that, and our work is precisely to make sure that every donation is not wasted, that every missionary is actually making a difference locally, and that they are in a healthy place, spiritually and morally speaking.
We personally know and oversee every single missionary we help, that’s why we can guarantee for them.

We have many years of experience working with international missionaries. ACCI’s founder, Tony Hedrick has been to Italy more than 45 times in 22 years. We have a permanent presence in the country as our current International director, is Italian.

We know and love Italy. 

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